“Quality never costs as much as it saves”


Princes Laundry Services stocks close to 1000 products and if we don’t have what you want, chances are we can get it. Our textiles importing business provides full supplier support to Princes Laundry Services to ensure adequate levels are maintained at all times.

We regularly introduce new lines to cope with the changing needs of our clients and their customers. The products listed here provide a broad overview of what we can supply.

If you need something that isn’t listed here, please contact us to find out how we can meet your needs.

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Princes Laundry Services can supply sheets, pillowcases, bath towels, hand towels, face washers, bath mats, doona covers and spreads in a range of sizes and styles.


Restaurants, Cafes and Reception/Convention Centres

We can provide you with tea towels, polishing cloths, serviettes, table cloths, aprons and mats, all in various sizes and styles to suit your decor.


Hospitals and Day Surgeries

We provide all hospital and general linen, including operating theatre apparel, theatre bundles, feeder packs, ward and screen curtains, theatre drapes and wraps, which can be supplied either loose or inspected and folded.

CSSD and Clean Room

Barrier and cotton fabrics are used extensively in the Green Room, in bundle composition, wraps and drapes.

Sterilsed bundles can be supplied as part of the package, or Princes will sterilise bundles when your autoclave is due for major service or a breakdown has spoilt your day.

We meet all Australian-based standards in relation to our in-house sterilisation service.

Our laundry, green room and sterile room operate to 26 Australian Standards, and are audited every six months to maintain our QAS certification (ISO 9100).

Aged care

For aged care facilities, we can supply incontinence products, absorbent bed sheets, pyjamas, adult feeders, draw sheets, table linen and all bedding linen.